Build by McKinsey

Our approach

We’ve perfected our methodologies over hundreds of builds, but we adapt our approach to each, handpicking teams with the right skills to accelerate impact.

Tech that matters

We don’t build technology for the sake of building technology. We do it to solve our clients’ most complex problems. That means ensuring they have a clear business goal, a pressure-tested strategy, and the skills needed to turn ideas into reality.

The best of both worlds

We join world-class technical and business skills in a unified team, working together toward a single set of objectives. Our teams are handpicked for each project, with a dual leadership structure to ensure that both industry and technical knowledge have a strong voice. In other words, you get the best of both worlds.

A tested approach, tailored for you

We’ve collaborated with clients on successful technology projects in every industry. Our proven methodologies and assets enable us to hit the ground running. Our approach is focused on outputs, not activities, because what matters is what technology can achieve for your business.

A transformation that lasts

Building capabilities is just as important as building the products. We coach, nurture, and establish processes that ensure you have the tools necessary to keep driving your technology forward.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, we worked with our client to build new digital products that enabled 24/7 access to banking services. With our help, they could deliver their social mission of supporting small businesses, especially through tough times.”

—Dave, partner and distinguished engineer, Singapore

“By coaching clients one-on-one and building strategies together, we create trusting relationships and cultures focused on learning, impact, and openness. For us, capability building is not an ‘afterthought’; it’s a critical ingredient from the start.”

—Courtney, agile specialist, Pittsburgh

Build Labs

Build Labs is our in-house team of technologists and designers who develop innovative assets that fuel faster, smarter, and safer builds. We bring together our people and technology to build next-generation solutions that maximize security and impact.


With DataX, we can deliver end-to-end data foundations for digital platforms at our clients’ premises within weeks, not months. By powering radically faster data infrastructure builds, DataX allows us to quickly build data-driven business capabilities such as analytics, AI/ML, and insightful reporting. Organizations can start small and quickly scale across the enterprise, driving impact with data.

Cloud Foundations

This product family helps cut through the early stages of cloud builds by automating and embedding “secure by design” best practices into development. Used with our rapid delivery models, Cloud Foundations simplifies security automation from day one so our clients can capture value from the cloud faster.

Digital Twins

Our libraries of data products and customized data models support rapid deployment of digital twin solutions. Our solutions also include no-code/low-code options, reusable pipelines, and data products that can be easily integrated with client infrastructure to support multiple use cases.

NeXT Commerce Tech

Our toolbox of assets for accelerating e-commerce builds includes an automated assessment tool that unlocks optimization potential and diagnostic reporting for competitor benchmarking.