Optimizing the tenant experience

As competition in real estate continues to evolve another dimension has entered the fold— customer experience.

Enter RXR Realty, a North American real estate investor and developer. Our team partnered with Leap by McKinsey to create a new business from the ground-up to fundamentally reimagine the tenant experience across their extensive residential, commercial, and mixed-use property portfolio. We partnered with RXR to establish a new Digital Lab – consisting of 25+ data scientists, designers, engineers, product managers, and venture investors– that has become the company’s innovation engine.

To enhance the resident living experience, one innovation is a new RXR app that is anchored around a resident experience officer. Designed, created, and launched by the team, the app allows residents to manage elements of their personal lives, like moving into an apartment, and use digitally-enabled concierge services for services like housekeeping and grocery delivery. Tenants can also submit and manage maintenance requests through the platform and make rent payments seamlessly. To learn more about our work visit here.

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