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Practice Manager, North America Electric Power & Natural Gas, Calgary

I joined McKinsey’s Calgary office because of the opportunities in environmental sustainability.

I joined McKinsey in part because the hiring process was really personalized. I was paired with a consultant who coached me through the entire process (practice case interviews, what to expect, etc.). I was given honest feedback on my interviews, and the process and timing of milestones were totally transparent at every step. I am a licensed professional engineer with an MBA from the University of Cambridge and an MPA in climate and energy policy from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. I am a prairie boy from Saskatchewan, married my high school sweetheart (we met in grade 10 biology), and have a 16-month old daughter. I was reassured by a dozen people that it is possible to be a successful consultant and a husband and father at McKinsey, which I have found to be true. Whenever possible, I have been staffed locally and the firm has respected my boundaries.

Making the world a better place

Having the opportunity to make the world a better place is really important to me. I have spent 10 years working and volunteering with Engineers Without Borders Canada and I believe that in today’s world, we can eradicate extreme poverty so that everyone can live a dignified life. I am also passionate about environmental sustainability and leaving a healthy planet for my daughter and her generation. I joined McKinsey’s Calgary office because of the opportunities in environmental sustainability. Alberta is an energy superpower—the oil sands contain the second largest reserves of any basin in the world. Developing this resource in harmony with the land, the air, the water, and the people is a huge challenge that I would like to help overcome.

Finding a stellar peer group

The calibre of people at every level of McKinsey is exceptional, and the business analysts are some of the most confident, competent, and impressive people I have worked with throughout my career. In my experience, McKinsey consultants are friendly, loyal, and committed advisors who are hard-working, driven, and talented, which can be intimidating. I was a bit nervous going into my first meeting with my DGL (career manager), but I quickly discovered that he was just a guy like me. The Calgary office is led by regular people who are exceptionally talented.

McKinsey has so many insights to offer to the world. I wish we could share our thoughts, opinions, and recommendations more broadly.


Harvard University