McKinsey on Sustainability & Resource Productivity Number 2
Summer 2014

McKinsey on Sustainability & Resource Productivity, Number 2

Presenting insights and approaches that organizations can use to transform how they manage resources and drive sustainable growth.

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McKinsey on Sustainability & Resource Productivity Number 2 Introduction

– In this second issue of McKinsey on Sustainability & Resource Productivity, we seek to establish the value of sustainability and to demonstrate how these opportunities can (and are) being captured in a range of industries.

Profits with purpose: How organizing for sustainability can benefit the bottom line

– Becoming a sustainability leader requires big changes, but the effort is worth it—in both environmental and economic terms.

The human factor: Amassing troops for the ‘resource revolution’

– Companies on the front lines of the resource revolution need to implement creative talent-management strategies.

Riding the resource wave: How extractive companies can succeed in the new resource era

– With economic and social expectations rising in resource-rich countries, extractive companies must re-think how they do business.

Brave new world: Myths and realities of clean technologies

– Don’t be fooled by high-profile setbacks. The cleantech sector is gaining steam—with less and less regulatory assistance.

Unconventional wisdom: Fracturing enters a new era

– Faced with change on a scale not seen in decades, companies must alter their business plans to accommodate unconventionals or else risk irrelevance.
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The disruptive potential of solar power

– As costs fall, the importance of solar power to senior executives is rising.

Bioenergy in Europe: A new beginning—or the end of the road?

– Bioenergy faces challenges in Europe, but there is reason to believe it can make a comeback.

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