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Corporate finance and the CFO role

Join leading experts, senior management, and board directors inside the strategy room as they share their insights on how to break through inertia and unlock big strategic moves.

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The race to create a vaccine: A conversation with Frank D’Amelio

– The CFO of Pfizer talks about what it took to develop a COVID-19 vaccine.

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In conversation: The impact of COVID-19 on capital markets

– The widening gap in performance and the valuation surge among a few elite companies demonstrate the pandemic-induced acceleration... of trends.

Moving from cash preservation to cash excellence

– How companies can build on their initial response to the pandemic to elevate their cash-management capabilities.

Ensuring the health of your business partnerships

– Regular partnership check-ins are essential to make sure that, like any relationship, both sides are getting what they need.

Budget planning for 2021

– How to adapt the budget process for uncertain times.

CFO leadership in the COVID-19 crisis

– How finance leaders are prioritizing their activities to maximize their roles on the executive team.

Cash preservation in response to COVID-19

– How to establish a cash culture that balances urgent short-term needs with longer-term competitive considerations

Why ESG is here to stay

– The growing evidence that sustainable corporate practices link closely to performance is focusing investor and acquirer attention... on ESG scores. But how reliable are they?

How CFOs should drive digital transformations

– The chief financial officer is uniquely positioned to ensure a company moves boldly toward a shared digital goal.

Reinventing the CFO for the digital age

– Digitization raises the demands on CFOs, along with the scale and influence of the role. How should finance chiefs reinvent?

Resilience and value: A CFO tool kit for withstanding shocks

– New research has identified a set of capabilities that allow an organization to repeatedly bounce back from setbacks or adapt... quickly to new trends. CFOs are supremely well placed to ensure that these “resilience assets” are in place.

The evolution of the CFO

– CFOs are playing an increasingly pivotal role in driving change in their companies. How should they balance their traditional... responsibilities with the new CFO mandate?

Digital transformation: The CFO’s role

– With their role sitting at the center of the strategic-planning process and financial disciplines, CFOs are well positioned to... become critical drivers of digital transformation.

Make working capital work harder for you

– Companies can unlock value by managing working capital more effectively. Top performers are transforming the cash-conversion culture... across the organization and implementing advanced digital-analytics solutions.

Why long-term value is a winning bet

– How do companies successfully manage for the long-term and what are the pitfalls to avoid?

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