Growing into senior leadership roles
Designed for high-performing, early- to mid-career managers aspiring to take the challenging leap into senior leadership. This program focuses on enhancing leadership mindsets and behaviors, setting and leading a business strategy, problem solving for impact, and deepening participant understanding of nine functional business topics.

These programs are changing lives. The content was thought provoking, the time together was rich in reflection, and I came away from the program energized and ready to apply a new leadership approach.

— Retail leader

Timing and delivery

Participants will learn through a variety of digital formats including courses, workshops, and small, group-based activities. The time commitment is 60 hours over six months, with an average of two hours per week for digital course content and an additional two hours per month for optional connectivity.

Learning objectives

  • Strengthen core business acumen across nine different functional topics, including finance, operations, risk, and strategy that can be applied across industries and contexts
  • Learn practical tools to overcome common mindset challenges and build the management muscle through problem solving and strategic thinking


  • Build a broader network of peers and benefit from connectivity in the Connected Leaders Academy alumni community.
  • Join the McKinsey ecosystem of webinars, roundtables, and other executive events.


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Connect with Connected Leaders Academy

Our Connected Leaders Academy program is designed for cohorts of individuals through their organization; it is not designed to be accessed directly by individuals. If you are inquiring on behalf of your organization or are already enrolled in Connected Leaders Academy, please contact us.