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Get agile faster through pilot programs

– While a strong foundation is essential to become a nimble organization, establishing a well-designed pilot program can serve to initiate agility.

Building the critical foundation of an agile organization

– Creating an agile organization that stands the test of time depends on its foundation.

Getting agile right in your organization

– Across industries and regions, the concept of organizational agility is catching fire as companies scurry to deal with rapid change... and complexity. Yet, achieving the ability to reshape themselves quickly is proving elusive for most.

Activate agility: get these five things right

– In a time of rapid change and unprecedented complexity, only the nimble survive! In 1935, the life expectancy of an S&P 500 company... was 90 years.

Human resources in the age of automation

– McKinsey’s vision for the future of employee-related activities – focuses singularly on driving value from talent.

The critical importance of the HR business partner

– Nearly a decade ago, CEOs surveyed by McKinsey stressed the importance of talent strategy to their organizations. But they also... voiced misgivings about HR’s ability to manage the talent process strategically and deliver maximum value to the business.

Focus on the five percent

– Recruitment is one of the most difficult things a company does, but doing it well can pay off.

Be rational about irrationality

– Savvy leaders can use irrationality to accelerate vs. derail their change efforts.

How effective goal-setting motivates employees

– Nobody likes annual performance reviews. But what if you could find a way to flip it.

4 strategies for linking talent to value

– In many ways, organizing a successful business isn’t much different than hosting a family barbecue.

How to nudge your way to better performance

– Build a nudge unit to leverage behavioral insights.

Crucial steps to shape your future performance management

– Think about your last performance review or development discussion. Turns out everyone really does hate performance management.

Driving value in talent processes using analytics

– Imagine abandoning traditional resumes and campus interviews in favor of online games, videos, and algorithms land fresh recruits... to your company.

It really isn’t about 100 days

– Congratulations on your new leadership role. Now, get moving fast.

Welcome to the ‘Insights on Leadership & Organization’ Blog

– Welcome to our one-stop shop, where leaders can find impactful, fact-based pragmatic advice—in 600 words or less.

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