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‘Lighthouse’ manufacturers lead the way—can the rest of the world keep up?

– Manufacturing leaders are sprinting ahead with digital and analytics, and changing the rules of the game. A broad scale-up of innovation across the value chain is needed to ensure more winners share the spoils.
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Ops 4.0—The Human Factor: Keeping the customer at the center

– Amid the turbulence of technological change, don’t forget Rule Number One: value is defined by the needs of the customer.
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The potential impact from manufacturing’s lighthouses in China

– China accounts for 5 of the 16 Industry 4.0 “lighthouse” manufacturing sites that the World Economic Forum (in collaboration... with McKinsey) has identified as world leaders in successfully implementing Industry 4.0 at scale.
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Ops 4.0: The Human Factor–A year of lessons from learners and ‘lighthouses’

– Businesses are making progress in understanding their talent needs for digitally enabled operations. A few ‘lighthouse’... examples have made real breakthroughs.
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Unlock value with an Industrial IoT technology stack that scales

– A rapidly evolving vendor landscape composed mainly of point solutions makes it hard for industrial companies to build a scalable... technology stack. Here’s how to cut through the complexity.
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Digital Manufacturing: Get into the fast lane

– At this autumn’s FT Future of Manufacturing Summit in London, it was a privilege to share the stage with some of the leading... thinkers and practitioners operating across industries. They are slowly escaping what we are calling ‘pilot purgatory’.
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India’s demographic dividend depends on Industry 4.0

– Machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and big data may dominate the Industry 4.0 headlines, but the beating heart of... every organization will always be the people who work there, and those who lead them.
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Ops 4.0—The Human Factor: The power of the digital capability center

– A dedicated capability-building facility can help you launch, accelerate, and sustain your Ops 4.0 transformation.

A transformative experience for leading a transformation

– Giving senior leaders hands-on, digitally enhanced experience with lean management helps kick-start a transformation.

Industry 4.0: Reinvigorating ASEAN manufacturing for the future

– New digital technologies can help Southeast Asian manufacturers reassert their place in the global landscape.

To make a transformation succeed, invest in capability building

– Companies can vastly raise the odds of success if they take the time to build the needed capabilities.
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A digital upgrade for Chinese manufacturing

– Executives are enthusiastic about Industry 4.0 but less prepared than their international counterparts to make it happen. A clear... road map is needed.
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