About Tom

The caliber of people here is really impressive. You can easily find yourself working with some technology and then discover that the person who created it is sitting a few seats away.

Quick Q&A

Your role in a nutshell?

To help companies assess their data, build the data into a coherent model, and derive insights. I engage with the client, the technical process, the logistics, and the legal challenges to build something really exciting, with a big impact.

Favorite part of your role?

There’s an incredible breadth of knowledge here. You can dive into any new domain knowing you have a wealth of experience from the people working alongside you, who help you create something more powerful than you could on your own.

Most memorable project?

Working with a pharmaceutical company to help get an Alzheimer’s drug to market quickly. The exposure I had to varied skill sets was remarkable. Sitting at the kickoff meeting were several data engineers like myself and a neurologist who helped us understand the pain points and analyze the data to answer the client’s questions.


University of Warwick
MSc, systems biology