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Data Scientist, Risk, London

About Frank

The intellectual challenge of working on totally different topics from one day to the next keeps me on my toes.

Quick Q&A

Favorite part of your role?

The range of work. One day you can be working on forecasting a bank’s balance sheet and the next on detecting fraud in a corporation. Whether it’s a different type of methodology to apply, a new kind of client challenge, or working with a new team, you’re always stretching your thinking to deliver the best.

What has surprised you the most?

How much people are invested in your growth. I remember in my first six months, as I was acclimating, I had a senior partner mentor me who would make time to talk regardless of our different time zones. It’d be 4:30 in the morning for him, and he would get on the phone and coach me through different situations.

Most memorable project?

Working with an investment bank to create a set of 26 models to forecast financials—in just six weeks! It was amazing to see how much could get done in such a short period of time with a lean team of ten spread out across the globe.


University of Oxford
Postdoc, financial econometrics

University of Konstanz
PhD, econometrics, statistics, finance

University of Tübingen
MBA, finance, accounting and taxation, econometrics, statistics, public finance