What enterprise-technology companies must know to drive digital-sales growth

– B2B companies often achieve subpar results from digital-sales initiatives—and tech companies are not immune to this problem. How... can they reverse the trend?
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

When B2B buyers want to go digital—and when they don’t

– New research indicates where to focus digital investments so that they will reap rewards in online and face-to-face channels.

Let’s talk about sales growth

– High-growth companies have differentiated themselves in sales through analytics, big data, and a focus on the changing technology... landscape.

Inside sales, outsize impact: An interview with Alice Coatalem of Hewlett Packard Enterprise

– “Inside”-sales teams operating remotely are often viewed as local support for higher-profile field-sales forces. But... centralization can turn inside sales into a significant source of revenue growth.
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Why salespeople need to develop ‘machine intelligence’

– Bots are bringing big changes—and big opportunities—to sales.

The sales secrets of high-growth companies

– The authors of Sales Growth reveal five actions that distinguish sales organizations at fast-growing companies.

The new world of sales growth

– New insights from Sales Growth, 2nd edition, reveal how top-performing sales organizations harness digital to drive growth,... meet the new challenges of managing talent, and evolve with the future of sales.

Infographic: Sales growth—five proven strategies

– There’s no magic to exceptional sales growth. Successful companies apply five basic strategies tested and proven around the world.... Here’s their roadmap.

Sales support: How to get it just right

– The “Goldilocks quandary” of sales support: What level is just right to drive the most sales and growth?

An unexpected way to improve your sales pipeline conversions by 50 percent

– Efficient time management is crucial for sales reps seeking to improve their conversion rates—and when it comes to time spent... with customers, sometimes, “less is more.”