More Americans feel financially secure, but they’ve learned new shopping habits

– Our latest annual Consumer Sentiment Survey, which now includes 28,000 shoppers in 29 countries, revealed surprising trends with... implications for US retailers and consumer-product manufacturers.

Subscription myth busters: What it takes to shift to a recurring-revenue model for hardware and software

– The benefits of moving to flexible subscription pricing are closer than they appear, but common misconceptions hold companies... back.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Landing the megadeal: Seven keys to closing big sales that make money

– Your salesforce needs help to remain objective, build trust, get the price right, and keep selling until the deal is done.

How retailers can drive profitable growth through dynamic pricing

– The secret is in customization: dynamic-pricing solutions must be tailored to a retailer’s business context, objectives,... and ways of working.

How retailers can improve price perception—profitably

– New methodologies, powered by big data and advanced analytics, can help retailers attract value-conscious consumers without sacrificing... margins.

Back to basics: Creating value through superior products

– Revitalizing product development is an unexplored lever for most private-equity firms.

Three steps to unlock growth with smarter pricing

– Consumer goods companies can change the pricing conversation with retailers by thinking first of the consumer.

$200 billion and counting: How to separate profit from risk in times of plunging oil prices

– Capturing all the potential value from oil price volatility depends on how companies manage and implement a new approach to pricing.

An inside view: Turning pricing into long-term value

– How one company successfully changed its culture to better use data for pricing—and profit.

Case study: Turning pricing complexity into a price advantage that boosts return on sales

– How to price for maximal returns with minimal investment of time, effort, and resources.

Pricing in retail: Setting strategy

– This article—our first in a series on pricing in retail—focuses on key value categories (KVCs) and key value items... (KVIs) as a core part of price strategy in today’s digital retail environment.