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How to make sure your next product or service launch drives growth

– Fifty percent of launches don’t hit their targets. Launch champions follow these four rules.

Chinese luxury consumers: More global, more demanding, still spending

– Even as growth slows, there’s a sizable, and sophisticated, pool of luxury shoppers in China. But brands need to take a... new approach to keep them interested.

Why innovative products aren’t enough for a successful pharma launch

– In a tough launch environment, four executives share insights on how to set your company apart—with a laser focus on patients,... an agile approach, and an engaged organization.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Landing the megadeal: Seven keys to closing big sales that make money

– Your salesforce needs help to remain objective, build trust, get the price right, and keep selling until the deal is done.

Maximizing marketing value through smarter procurement

– Now more than ever, marketing stars need a strong band behind them.

Discussions on Digital: Measuring marketing’s impact

– Silicon Valley leaders discuss the challenge on every marketer’s mind: how much to spend on digital marketing, and where... to spend it.

Infographic: The accelerating digitization of the US economy

– In 98% of the American economy, the digital revolution has been won, and its leaders have an enormous lead over everyone else.... Here are the statistics.

Presentation: “Haves” and “have-mores”: the accelerating digitization of the US economy

– Digitization is penetrating every aspect of business, and creating significant challenges and opportunities across almost every... sector, according to latest McKinsey Global Institute report.

The secret to great marketing analytics? Connecting with decision makers

– Unlocking the profit potential of data analytics requires a design sensibility to develop solutions decision makers can understand... and use. McKinsey research shows how successful companies do it.

How some companies are using mobile to power growth

– Mobile offers impressive opportunities for profit and growth—provided companies can overcome the three biggest hurdles in effective... digitization.

Marketing Analytics: It works, so why aren't more companies using it?

– A new McKinsey metric demonstrates how much marketing analytics improves marketing ROI—and profits.