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Survey: Mexican consumer sentiment during the coronavirus crisis

– Mexican consumers remain worried about the impact of COVID-19 on the economy, with fluctuating levels of optimism.

Survey: US consumer sentiment during the coronavirus crisis

– As new COVID-19 cases in the US rose during July, optimism about a quick US economic recovery has declined.

Survey: Australian consumer sentiment during the coronavirus crisis

– Australian consumers are feeling less optimistic about the economic recovery compared to prior weeks from recent lockdowns.

Survey: Nigerian consumer sentiment during the coronavirus crisis

– Nigeria’s consumers have become less optimistic about a quick economic recovery than they were in March.

The great consumer shift: Ten charts that show how US shopping behavior is changing

– Our research indicates what consumers will continue to value as the coronavirus crisis evolves.

Esports and the next frontier of brand sponsorships

– Data from Germany and Western Europe indicates that sponsorship of esports can open a valuable marketing channel for brands that... know how to use it.

Europe’s digital migration during COVID-19: Getting past the broad trends and averages

– A survey of 20,000 European consumers pinpoints what has changed in which markets, suggesting prompt actions for companies to... consider.

Reimagining marketing in the next normal

– COVID-19 is changing consumer behavior in at least six important ways. Here’s how marketing leaders can adapt.

Survey: Indonesian consumer sentiment during the coronavirus crisis

– Optimism in Indonesia has stabilized over the last month, though consumers remain cautious about their spending.

How consumers’ behavior in car buying and mobility is changing amid COVID-19

– A freeze in mobility was one of the most visible signs of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that economies are opening up again, how... are mobility behavior and car sales changing?

Survey: Chinese consumer sentiment during the coronavirus crisis

– Chinese optimism has fluctuated as COVID-19 has progressed, but has stabilized in recent weeks.
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