July 2022

The role of financial services in improving racial equity in the US

In April 2022, McKinsey gathered a group of leaders in financial services to discuss the work they are doing to increase financial inclusion, address systemic challenges, and catalyze efforts to close the racial wealth gap.
June 2022

Building Black-owned brands to accelerate prosperity

Black-owned businesses are crucial to America’s long-term prosperity, but they face long-time challenges. How can McKinsey’s Next 1B accelerator help create a more inclusive environment for Black entrepreneurs?
June 2022

Is This The Moment For an Equity Push in Government?

June 2022

Unlocking Next Gen Supplier Diversity - Shelley Stewart and Ken Yearwood

May 2022

Expand diversity among your suppliers—and add value to your organization

Companies can unlock more value in their supplier diversity programs by including higher-growth sectors and promoting diversity across the business ecosystem.
May 2022

District Dialogues: Addressing the Wealth Gap

May 2022

Adweek Sustainability Summit - Investing with a purpose

April 2022

East Bay Leadership Series | Advancing Black and Latino Economic Mobility

Learn how policy choices and employer actions have the potential to unleash a more dynamic future and to build a more equitable economy.
March 2022

McKinsey partner named a “Notable Black Leader” by Crain’s New York

“Economic empowerment for Black Americans is at the core of sustainable and inclusive growth,” says Shelley Stewart III.
February 2022

Shelley Stewart III Recognized as Notable Black Leader by Crain's NY Business

February 2022

How brands can win black consumers’ hearts, minds—and wallets

3 strategies to promote racial equity, meet the needs of Black Americans and create value
February 2022

In The Black: The Power of the Black Dollar

Black people’s spending power in the U.S. is expected to hit $1.8 trillion by 2024. Shelly Stewart, a partner at McKinsey & Company, joins BNC’s Tashanea Whitlow to talk about the power of the Black dollar and his report showing that Black spending power will double by 2030.
December 2021

Year one: Lessons from our new think tank focused on Black lives

This month marks the one-year anniversary of the McKinsey Institute for Black Economic Mobility, our research institute and think tank dedicated to advancing racial equity and inclusive growth. Over the course of the year, the institute has focused on its mission to help private-, public-, and social-sector leaders take coordinated action to accelerate Black economic development.
September 2021

A first step to racial equality? “Fundamentally improve job quality.”

JP Julien explains why new research on racial inequality is personal and talks about the innovative programs that are showing results.
June 2021

Here are six financial decisions that can help bridge the racial wealth gap

President Joe Biden signed a bill into law making Juneteenth, commemorating the end of slavery in the U.S., is now a federal holiday. Over the past year, the day has taken on new meaning, with many in the Black community and business leaders using the holiday to highlight economic inequality. The racial wealth gap is conservatively $11 trillion and could have ballooned to $13.5 trillion during the pandemic, according to the latest research from Duke University.
June 2021

Black in Focus: McKinsey & Co’s Shelley Stewart III

The U.S. economy is missing out on an estimated $300 billion a year as systems, institutions and businesses discount the power of the Black consumer. That's just one finding of a new McKinsey & Co. report on "The Economic State of Black America." Bloomberg's Karen Toulon speaks with Shelley Stewart III, a partner and head of McKinsey’s Institute for Black Economic Mobility.
June 2021

Black Americans Face Huge Economic Disparities

Closing the racial wage gap in just 20 occupations would boost millions of Black Americans.
March 2021

McKinsey study highlights Hollywood racial inequalities

If Hollywood were to address racial inequities in the film and TV industry, annual revenue could rise by 7%, or about $10 billlion, according to the findings of a new study from McKinsey.
December 2020

Introducing the McKinsey Institute for Black Economic Mobility

Today our firm launches the McKinsey Institute for Black Economic Mobility, a think tank dedicated to accelerating research, convening people and organizations, and developing tools and assets that can help advance racial equity and inclusive growth to safeguard the lives of Black people around the world.
September 2020

One Houston Together: Developing Equitable Communities

Historic gaps in equity and access to opportunity continue to adversely impact communities across Houston. Today, a person’s zip code remains one of the best indicators of their health and wealth. But there are renewed efforts to close the gaps in equity in our region’s communities.
July 2020

Harvard Business School African American Association

Investing in Black Lives and Livelihoods


December 2021

Serving the Black consumer is a $300 billion opportunity

Tailor products specifically to meet Black consumer needs and wants, and not only is there economic value to be gained but also a greater chance to meet social and moral objectives.
August 2021

Building Black generational wealth

Morgan Stanley podcast with Carla Harris featuring Shelley Stewart starting at 10:04.
June 2021

Harvard Business Review - Race at Work podcast with Porter Braswell featuring Shelley Stewart

That report examines the racial gaps that exist across the U.S. economy. Shelley Stewart III leads McKinsey’s research on Black economic mobility in the United States and is also a partner with McKinsey’s Private Equity & Principal Investors Practice. Stewart speaks with host Porter Braswell about some of the barriers Black Americans face in the U.S. economy, as workers, business owners, and consumers. They also explore how addressing representational imbalances could create greater economic equity.
March 2021

What’s Keeping Black Employees From Moving Up the Corporate Ladder?

A McKinsey & Company report on race in the workplace found that Black workers are underrepresented in the highest-paying industries and geographies, resulting in their overrepresentation in lower-growth regions and frontline jobs, which tend to pay less.
February 2021

Investing in Black economic mobility

Racial equity and inclusive growth can drive economic mobility and a postpandemic recovery.
January 2020

National Association of Corporate Directors podcast

Automations’ Uneven Terrain