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McKinsey Supplier Onboarding

We are committed to working with suppliers whose practices are consistent with our values and professional standards. All prospective suppliers must onboard through our supplier portal and undergo an evaluation process before beginning any work with McKinsey.

Information for new suppliers

The supplier point of contact will receive an email invitation to create an account and submit a supplier onboarding questionnaire in McKinsey’s Supplier Portal. If you haven’t received an email invitation, reach out to your contact at the firm.

Steps for becoming a McKinsey supplier:

  • Create an account in our supplier portal (via secure login credentials). It will take approximately five minutes.
  • Complete the supplier—onboarding questionnaire, which will take approximately 15 minutes. The following information will be needed to set up your supplier profile:
    • contact details (supplier name, business address, phone number, etc.)
    • product or service category and description
    • supplier relationship details (as applicable—data sharing, interaction with government officials, ownership etc.)
    • payment details:
      • tax ID/VAT registration number
      • preferred payment method
      • remittance details (bank name and address, SWIFT/BIC code, payment currency)
      • bank account holder name, account number and routing number, if applicable
      • credit card type, if applicable
    • acknowledgment of McKinsey’s Supplier Code of Conduct
  • Maintain your organization‘s account directly in the Supplier Portal. To access your account, use the credentials created during your supplier login set up.

What happens after submitting the required information?

  • We will review your organization’s submission once you’ve provided all the necessary details.
  • After approval, your McKinsey point of contact will reach out and explain additional steps required for the onboarding process.

Information for existing suppliers

As part of the transition to a globally standardized Supplier Portal, existing suppliers are required to create an account in the portal and complete a new supplier onboarding questionnaire.

Who qualifies as an existing supplier?

An existing supplier is one that is already doing business with McKinsey.

Will the new process impact the current work I’m doing with McKinsey?

In most cases, there is no immediate impact to the work you are currently doing with us. However, you must complete the new process before additional work will be contracted.

What can I expect?

You will receive an email invitation to create an account in McKinsey’s Supplier Portal to provide the required information. Once received, you will have 14 days to complete the process.

How long will it take to set up my account and fill out the questionnaire?

The process should take approximately 20 minutes.

What information are you collecting?

  • contact details (supplier name, business address, etc.)
  • product or service category and description
  • supplier relationship details (as applicable: data sharing, interaction with government officials, ownership etc.)
  • tax ID/VAT registration number
  • acknowledgment of McKinsey’s Supplier Code of Conduct

What happens if I’m unable to complete the process within the allotted time?

If you require additional time, please contact us and we will work with you to ensure the process is completed in a timely manner.

Will this new process change the way I submit invoices or receive payments?

There are no changes to the invoice submission process. Continue to follow current guidelines for submitting invoices. You can also use the McKinsey Supplier Portal to update your payment details, if needed.

Benefits of the supplier onboarding program

Completing the onboarding process on the portal provides a more seamless process for suppliers including:

  • self-serve capabilities: you can access the portal, via your secure login credentials, to update your account information, including payment details.
  • approved supplier status: once you’ve successfully completed the onboarding process, your organization will be added to McKinsey’s global supplier list, thereby providing more opportunities for you to conduct business with our firm.

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