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Implementation and Change

SCM Connections

SCM Connections is an advanced planning systems (APS) technology company, based in Chicago, which has deep expertise in supply chain planning, innovative process design, end-to-end implementation, and sustainable change management in deploying APS software.

McKinsey acquired SCM Connections in 2022.

Client Impact

Implementing a global planning solution at a major energy company

We decreased system downtime while enabling an improved and simplified user interface with automated advanced analytics, including outlier correction, best fit forecasting, and customer segmentation.

Unifying business units at a global food manufacturer

We enabled the integration of various companies—with demand forecasting—into a single system, considering various models of forecasting, analysis, and demand schedules.

Increasing efficiency at an international telecommunications provider

We created an automated process for store replenishment planning and allocation handling of constrained products for enhanced sharing capabilities across all sales channels.