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Implementation & Change

Richardson Sales Performance & McKinsey

Our collaboration

We help build commercial capabilities and execute at-scale growth transformations by providing clients access to 150 experienced sales trainers covering 25 languages, over 200 digital microlearning modules, CRM-embedded sales execution tools, and an AI-based methodology to measure learning impact.

Client Impact

Establishing a sales academy for a telecommunications company

We delivered a 1000-hour, 12-month sales academy for a telco in Europe, reaching 1,500 sellers with an average net-promoter score (NPS) of 70. The average deal conversion rate improved by 30 percent and sales call productivity increased by 20 percent.

Virtual sales effectiveness capability program for a Latin American company

By codeveloping a virtual sales-effectiveness program for a telco client in Latin America, we helped increase the average number of daily remote customer interactions by 400 percent, and the average number of closed deals by 70 percent.

Improving negotiation capabilities for a machinery-manufacturing company

We designed and delivered “longtail” coaching for an advanced-industries global company to help sales representatives prepare and conduct complex negotiations, helping improve price realization by two to four percent.

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