Planetrics, a strategic consultancy and data analytics provider in climate and sustainability, provides climate change risk and opportunity modeling in a variety of assets, levels, regions, and sectors. We work with the world’s leading banks, asset managers, owners, and insurers to support portfolio management, risk management, regulatory reporting, and stress testing.

McKinsey acquired Planetrics in 2021.

Client Impact

Evaluating the impact of multiple climate scenarios for a leading global asset manager

The client used the insights from the PlanetView platform analysis in its inaugural climate-change report, marking the first step on its Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) reporting journey. The analysis was also used to inform its priorities and strategy for climate-related risks.

Scenario-based climate risk analysis for major global bank

We deployed a scenario analysis, empowered by Planetrics’ proprietary climate change model, that enabled the bank to conduct a thorough risk assessment and integrate climate risk into internal credit processes.

Strategic integration of scenario-based climate risk analysis for a leading global asset manager

Planetrics’ proprietary climate change model was used in an assessment of key risks to asset values, including asset stranding, direct and indirect carbon costs, and the impacts of competition between firms with different carbon intensities. Leveraging the data, the client was able to identify green opportunities and the potential upside, use the analysis to inform internal decision making, and use the outcomes of the analysis in a public-facing report.

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