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Headquartered in Australia, Hypothesis helps leaders accelerate their digital transformation by marrying deep digital innovation and lean-agile ways of working with a relentless customer focus.

McKinsey acquired Hypothesis in 2021.

Client Impact

Enabling a $500 million government-stimulus package

In six months, Hypothesis launched a $500 million state government stimulus package for businesses impacted by COVID-19. We designed, built, tested, and managed the end-to-end website journey and in-app experience for businesses and customers.

Delivering digital services to extend crisis support to 150,000 citizens

Hypothesis partnered with a state government agency to build nine digital products in nine months to rapidly deliver drought, bushfire and COVID-19 crisis support to 150,000 citizens. The new digital products give citizens immediate access to critical information and financial assistance as new challenges emerge.

Digitizing a taxi operating model

In 18 months, Hypothesis built nine digital products that transformed an incumbent taxi business and established digital capabilities for long-term relevance in a highly competitive market. This changed how the client’s digital products are designed, developed, and launched, and instilled a culture of sustainable delivery, customer focus, technical excellence and continuous improvement.

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