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Technology & Applications

Google Cloud & McKinsey

Our collaboration

We enable digital transformations by combining McKinsey's strategic and functional insights with Google Cloud's scalable, flexible, and secure cloud infrastructure platform and leading artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning (ML) capabilities.

Client Impact

Driving operational efficiencies at a mining company

Unlocked $150 million in cost savings in four months by aggregating and analyzing operational data from geographically remote sites and developing predictive maintenance tests.

Improving refinery performance at a major oil and gas company

Reduced energy consumption and enabled predictive maintenance through real-time alerts to managers based on digitally integrating more than 300 variables in refinery management.

Helping a global logistics company increase forecasting accuracy

Increased forecasting visibility from one week to 52 weeks with 95 percent accuracy by building an advanced analytics platform to better predict order volumes.

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