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Our collaboration

Together, we help clients unlock the full value of technology and data across asset-intensive industries. We offer a holistic approach to digital transformations of operations, reliability and maintenance, and engineering departments. We help improve financial performance, accelerate decarbonization initiatives, and build advanced capabilities.

Client Impact

Improving plant reliability and reducing maintenance spend for an Asian refinery

Using AspenTech’s Mtell solution for failure and anomaly detection, we digitized the maintenance and reliability processes for a refinery in less than six months and identified $50 million in value capture across their entire refinery network.

Leveraging digital technologies to reduce CO2 emissions at a global chemicals company

We identified an opportunity to reduce CO2 emissions by 15-25 percent by implementing AspenTech’s adaptive process-control technology. We prioritized solution deployment to improve resource efficiency across client sites and identified required capabilities to support the rollout.

Integrating open- and closed-loop dynamic optimization solutions in a European refinery

Leveraging AspenTech’s AI hybrid models and dynamic optimization technology, we developed optimization models to fully integrate planning and scheduling with the advanced process control (APC) layer. We captured initial value quickly through open-loop optimization, before closing the loop across high-value refinery envelopes such as middle distillates, olefins, hydrogen networks and naphtha.

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