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Reopening workplaces amid COVID-19

A collection of safety measures

As executives in the private and public sectors make plans for bringing employees back to workplaces amid the COVID-19 pandemic, they may wish to consider interventions that can help mitigate health risks to workers and customers. This document presents a collection of interventions that have been used in companies around the globe, across the manufacturing and retail sectors and office and field environments. It spans five stages of the typical worker’s experience:


Preparing to return to work after a lockdown

Travel to work

Commuting to and from workplaces

At work

Carrying out responsibilities at work

Common spaces

Entering and spending time in common spaces


Responding to reports of coworkers or customers who test positive for COVID-19

Please note that this document is meant to illustrate example interventions that companies have attempted globally, and does not represent recommendations or guidance on best practices. Organizations should also consider local regulations and country-specific circumstances before implementing specific interventions.

We will continue to update this document with additional interventions. Last updated on June 15, 2020.

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