Access distinctive insights on the global gas & liquefied natural gas (LNG) market

Our outlook on the future of the global gas market is informed by detailed market research and continuous tracking of market developments as well as deep on-the-ground expertise across the globe. We forecast gas demand at a regional level and then use our infrastructure and contract outlooks to forecast supply-and-demand balances, corresponding gas flows, and pricing implications to 2030.

Our Tools

Global Gas Model

Forecasting capability of supply, demand, infrastructure, and resulting global gas flows with flexible scenarios to allow “what-if” analyses.

LNG Flow

Tracks the global LNG fleet on a daily basis, analyzing supply and demand balances and assessing activity and performance of LNG plants and terminals.

EU Pipe Flow

Tracks daily natural gas flows in the European Union (EU) pipeline system to deliver real-time analysis of supply, demand, and storage levels, as well as infrastructure utilization.

LNG Cost Curve

Bottom-up perspective on LNG liquefaction costs, project feasibility, price structure, and export capacity. The cost curve covers more than 1,100 million tonnes per annum (mtpa) of currently known LNG projects.

Our research


Global gas outlook to 2050

– While we saw high levels of volatility in 2020, the outlook for gas and LNG shows strong growth, resilience, and changing expectations... for emissions amid widespread carbon-neutrality aspirations.

North American gas outlook to 2030

– Here’s what you need to know about the North American outlook for gas demand, supply, and price to 2030.

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2022 LNG Buyer Survey: Adapting to an uncertain future

– Our recent survey illustrates how the liquefied natural gas market has shifted in response to concerns about supply security and... environmental sustainability.
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Reflecting on 2021 global LNG and European pipeline flows

– Over the past year, liquefied natural gas (LNG) prices reached an all-time high. An analysis of the data identifies key insights... into the implications for the LNG industry for 2022 and beyond.
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Snapshot of gas and LNG flows and market dynamics: Q3 2021

– Our dashboards summarize recent gas and LNG trends and developments that have occurred in key markets around the world.

How tapping connectivity in oil and gas can fuel higher performance

– Price and demand pressures in the oil and gas sector make the potential value embedded in advanced connectivity for exploration... and production more important than ever.

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