Chris Gagnon, senior solutions partner, leads our work in organizational health. He is based in New Jersey.

We help clients generate insights for better, faster day-to-day decisions

Chris Gagnon, senior solutions partner, leads our work in organizational health. He is based in New Jersey.
Today’s winning organizations need a combination of strategic insight, domain expertise, data, and technology. That is why McKinsey complements its traditional consulting excellence with solutions: technologies and specialized teams that deliver McKinsey results.

When our solutions are integrated – either during or outside of consulting engagements – they make an immediate impact on business performance. Because solutions are measurable and repeatable, they allow business leaders to make rigorous, data-driven decisions on the biggest challenges facing their organizations.

Through our solutions, McKinsey combines software, proprietary data, and extensive expertise in order to significantly improve an organization’s performance and health:

Management software gives managers the applications they need in order to act more effectively and focus on what’s essential.

Analytics solves business problems by applying advanced algorithms and tools to a client’s own data.

Insights provide analysis and fresh data about the organizations, customers, competitors, and markets relevant to client’s business.

Solutions by industry

Oil & Gas

Energy Insights

Brings certainty to decision-making for energy players
Financial Services


Helps banks and insurers achieve superior performance through benchmarking and best-practice insights
Healthcare Systems & Services

Healthcare Analytics

Helps payors and providers design, deliver, and operate advanced analytics
Financial Services


Delivers impact for insurers through advanced analytical solutions
Metals & Mining


Provides the insight to unlock value in your mining operations
Financial Services


Reveals the best strategic opportunities in global banking markets
Financial Services

Performance Lens

Provides fact-based, actionable insights to improve asset managers’ business performance
Aerospace & Defense


Data, analyses, and collaboration platform for the commercial defense sector

Solutions by Business Function



Pairs contact center agents to callers in real time based on personality, resulting in measurable improvements to call outcomes
Marketing & Sales


CCAT prioritizes which marketing and sales skills to invest in by benchmarking against best practices
Strategy & Corporate Finance

Corporate Performance Analytics

Financial analytics to improve your capital market performance and strategy scenario planning
Technology & Digital

Cyber Solutions

Management tools to move institutions from cybersecurity as a control function to holistic digital resilience’
Technology & Digital

Digital Capabilities

A 360° objective benchmark of the core digital capabilities needed to enable an organization’s digital strategy
Technology & Digital

Digital Quotient

An objective and comprehensive measure of an organization’s digital maturity

Journey Analytics

Unlocks the full value of multichannel with Big Data technology and advanced analytics
Marketing & Sales

Marketing Navigator

Increases marketing return-on-investment through better marketing investment allocation decisions and branding/messaging (“Brand Navigator”)


Delivers analytics-driven R&D performance benchmarks and accurate estimates of design complexity, project duration, and staffing requirements

Organizational Health Index (OHI)

The Organizational Health Index maps the DNA of your organization, providing insights into how your team is operating and recommended improvements based on proven recipes for success


Accelerates organizational decisions through drag-&-drop design software, advanced data analytics, proprietary expertise, and executive capability building

People Analytics

Developing a people strategy based on data and analytics helps companies identify and develop their top employees
Marketing & Sales


Improves return on sales through better pricing, promotions, assortment, and performance management


Unlocks resource savings in distributed networks
Marketing & Sales

Sales DNA

Prioritize which individual sales traits to invest in by benchmarking against best practice
Marketing & Sales

Sales Navigator

Optimize sales by analyzing return-on-sales costs across geographies, channels, and business units
Program Management


Provides a single, transparent way to track and measure your transformation change programs
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