About Jesko

Jesko is a senior partner of the Marketing & Sales Practice, helping clients to transform marketing & sales capabilities so they can deliver above-market growth. He works with clients to create digitally adept and agile organizations by helping them bring together the science (customer insights, marketing analytics, marketing ROI), art (brand building, communications, customer experience), and craft (brand delivery, multichannel execution, digital capabilities) of marketing & sales.

Jesko also leads our work in customer lifecycle management (CLM) globally. As customer experience becomes ever more critical, touch points proliferate, and the demand for growth increases in the digital era, Jesko helps clients develop the necessary cross-functional skills to beat the market. His most recent projects include: developing a digital marketing strategy at a leading European grocery player; helping develop and implement a customer lifecycle management (CLM) strategy for a leading specialty retailer; and defining and helping deliver an effective branding and customer experience for a leading energy group.

Jesko is the author of many articles and essays in leading journals and compendiums on subjects such as digital transformations, customer-driven growth, branding, marketing ROI, and above-market growth. He is the co-author of the book Power Brands: Measuring, Building, and Managing Brand Success, and is a frequent speaker on topics from the future of marketing to the power of customer experience. Most recently, Jesko authored the book Retail Marketing and Branding: A Definitive Guide to Maximizing ROI, which offers retail professionals practical and robust ways to improve the performance of their marketing functions and align marketing investments with business objectives.


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