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Retail Banking



Pathways to growth in North American retail banking

– With fintechs targeting profitable banking functions and products, North American retail banks will need strong capabilities in... areas such as advanced analytics, digital factories and customer insights in order to capture revenues.

Reinventing small and medium-size business banking in the US

– US bank lending to SMBs has been flat in recent years, while alternative lenders have seen robust growth. If banks do not move... quickly to engage with SMBs digitally, they risk losing even more share of the market to fintechs. Banks possess a wealth of strategic advantages in the battle for SMB business, but they must actively leverage these in order to stay competitive.


The winning formula for omnichannel banking in North America

– U.S. and Canadian banks recognize the potential for omnichannel capabilities to increase revenues, enhance customer experience... and reduce operating costs, but their progress towards making omnichannel a reality has been inconsistent. McKinsey’s perspective is that banks should focus on six imperatives in order to make a successful transition to omnichannel.

A brave new world for global banking

– Our annual global banking review finds that a weak global economy, digitization, and regulation threaten the industry’s... near-term profitability.

Radically simplifying the retail bank

– In retail banking, simplification attempts frequently fail to generate significant performance improvements. McKinsey research... suggests this is because simplification attempts are too narrowly focused. Meaningful benefits flow through when simplification efforts are designed, implemented and sustained on a broad scale.

The road ahead: Perspectives on German banking

– The road ahead for German banks is uncertain. A number of significant trends are shaping new traffic patterns, putting pressure... on all banks—even those that weathered the financial crisis and are in good shape today. Banks that do not act to mitigate the impact of these trends will continue to struggle over the next three years.

Raising Ukraine's productivity: Banking sector as an engine for growth

– The Ukrainian banking sector has made notable progress in introducing reforms and laying foundations for a more robust future.... Now, significant productivity gains are within reach of Ukraine's banks, which can also improve transparency, reduce informality, and increase access to capital for businesses and individuals.

The fight for the customer: McKinsey global banking annual review 2015

– While the global banking industry has achieved a modicum of stability over the past several years, earning a record $1 trillion... in 2014 and recording a 9.5% return on equity for the third consecutive year, banks now face rising competitive threats on all sides as new technology companies and others seek to poach their customers.

Driving revenue growth in retail banking

– As the US economy experiences positive signs of renewal and growth, proactively setting a revenue growth agenda will become increasingly... important for banks, and a consumer-centric approach to product development and services should be a central part of this agenda.

Capitalizing on Asia’s digital-banking boom

– Our new survey shows Asia’s finance consumers are rapidly switching to online banking, presenting risks and opportunities... for companies.

The road back: McKinsey global banking annual review 2014

– The global banking industry continues to progress on the road back from the global financial crisis, improving return on equity... 9.5% in 2013 and 9.9% in the first half of 2014. Most of the value creation is coming from banks that adhere to one of five distinctive strategies.