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Transforming enterprise risk management for value in the insurance industry

– Leading insurers are retooling the role of their risk function from incident response and compliance to an essential partner in advancing the business strategy.

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Taking courageous action on cost in life insurance

– Strategies and lessons learned for reducing costs in life insurance from newcomers and traditional players.
Executive Briefing

How wealth managers can transform for the digital age

– Wealth-management incumbents can meet digital disruption head on by understanding core changes in their industry—and focusing... on what really matters in a digital transformation.

Compliance in 2016: More than just following rules

– The traditional approach is losing effectiveness. Banks must turn the page and build a new model.

The future of bank risk management

– Banks have made dramatic changes to risk management in the past decade—and the pace of change shows no signs of slowing.... Here are six initiatives to help them stay ahead.

Bracing for a new era of lower investment returns

– The conditions that led to three decades of exceptional returns have either weakened or reversed. A wide range of stakeholders... will need to adjust their expectations.

The Life Journey Asia: How life insurers in Asia can grow value

– Asian life insurers on average deliver returns below their cost of capital, but a few carriers create significant value. What... do they do differently?

Blockchain in insurance—opportunity or threat?

– The digitization technology could be of strategic interest to insurers. Yet before starting down the long road of implementation,... individual companies and the industry need to investigate use cases, establish collaborations and better understand the technology’s conditions and limitations.

European Private Banking Survey 2016 – Ascending against strong headwinds

– Favorable high-level results in Europe's private banking sector cannot mask the market forces – including regulatory factors,... heightened client expectations and digital disruption – that continue to create headwinds for the industry. To excel in this environment, private banks may need to push the traditional boundaries of the operating model.

Weathering the storm: Asia–Pacific Banking Review 2016

– Our annual report finds an industry facing challenges to maintain its growth, but significant opportunities remain.

Challenges and opportunities for fintech in Germany

– How digitization is transforming the country’s financial services sector.

Shifting gears: Insurers adjust for connected-car ecosystems

– Insurance companies seek to deliver enhanced products and services by investing in new technologies and partnering with others... in the smart-car environment.

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