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Financial ecosystems: The next horizon for US banks

– Banking ecosystems may represent the next frontier of banking innovation and a long-sought growth engine for banking profit pools.

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What the new world of insurance could look like

– From a customer’s standpoint, few industries are as ripe for disruption as insurance.

How cognitive technologies are transforming capital markets

– The question for most banks is not whether to deploy artificial intelligence–based technology but how to do so effectively.

A ‘nudge’ for the better in claims journeys

– Companies tend to assume that customers, employees, and suppliers always behave rationally.

The state of retail wealth management report

– The state of retail wealth management report 2016 examines the trends in the wealth management industry and the factors behind... those trends.

The benefits of thinking like an activist investor

– Whether or not your company is in the crosshairs of activists, assembling a team to take a good, hard look at your performance... can deliver benefits.

Payments: On the crest of the fintech wave

– Multiple forces, including technology and demographics, are dramatically reshaping the payments value chain, and opening the industry... to potential disruption from fintechs. Incumbents have a number of strong options for addressing this disruption. Those that think deeply about how the industry is evolving and take early action will fare best.


How good is your company’s internal customer experience?

– To excel with customers, frontline employees need high-level service from core support functions. Société Générale’s... group head of corporate resources and innovation explains how to achieve such symmetry.

Assistance & service offerings as a game changer in a transforming insurance industry

– Insurance incumbents and innovative start-ups around the globe have recently begun launching new assistance & service offerings—in... increasing numbers and in a wide range of configurations. Yet, while the launches of these offerings may well be considered as first ambitious attempts of insurers to respond to a number of today’s challenges to their classic business model, there are still many more and further-reaching opportunities that have yet to be tapped.
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Spurring digital banking in the Gulf

– Regional consumers purchase everything online but financial services. Bankers and regulators need to step up the pace of innovation.

An insurer’s journey to better customer experience: A conversation with Allianz’s Firuzan Iscan

– The customer-experience leader at Allianz describes how the German insurer is learning to view customer journeys from an outside-in... perspective.

Reinventing small and medium-size business banking in the US

– US bank lending to SMBs has been flat in recent years, while alternative lenders have seen robust growth. If banks do not move... quickly to engage with SMBs digitally, they risk losing even more share of the market to fintechs. Banks possess a wealth of strategic advantages in the battle for SMB business, but they must actively leverage these in order to stay competitive.

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