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Fintechs can help incumbents, not just disrupt them

– While true for other financial services, it’s most striking in corporate and investment banking.

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The future of bank risk management

– Banks have made dramatic changes to risk management in the past decade—and the pace of change shows no signs of slowing.... Here are six initiatives to help them stay ahead.

Bracing for a new era of lower investment returns

– The conditions that led to three decades of exceptional returns have either weakened or reversed. A wide range of stakeholders... will need to adjust their expectations.

The Life Journey Asia: How life insurers in Asia can grow value

– Asian life insurers on average deliver returns below their cost of capital, but a few carriers create significant value. What... do they do differently?

Blockchain in insurance—opportunity or threat?

– The digitization technology could be of strategic interest to insurers. Yet before starting down the long road of implementation,... individual companies and the industry need to investigate use cases, establish collaborations and better understand the technology’s conditions and limitations.

Challenges and opportunities for fintech in Germany

– How digitization is transforming the country’s financial services sector.

The future of group life insurance in the United States

– The industry is changing. To be successful in the coming decade, insurers will need to deliver distinctive consumer experiences... and value-adding tools for brokers.

Rethinking US life insurance distribution

– Slow growth in the US life insurance industry has been a persistent challenge for years. More recently, changes in customer behavior... are making this challenge even more complex. But these behavioral shifts may also hold the key to revitalizing growth through new approaches to distribution. A portfolio of three distinct distribution models, which jointly address the range of consumer needs—from tech-enabled face-to-face advice to remote channels—can set the stage for life insurers to grow and develop stronger ties to their customers.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

A digital crack in banking’s business model

– Low-cost attackers are targeting customers in lucrative parts of the sector.

Becoming a digital bank

– Chief technology officer Mike Murphy discusses Standard Bank’s shift to agile software development and how it has helped... improve service delivery and internal processes.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Why partnerships are appealing

– The chairman of Credit Suisse explains how digital innovation may lead to unexpected outcomes.

Banking on the cloud

– Don Duet, global head of the technology division at Goldman Sachs, discusses the evolution of the firm’s digital strategy... and its use of cloud infrastructure and technologies.

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