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What the new world of insurance could look like

– From a customer’s standpoint, few industries are as ripe for disruption as insurance.

Raising returns on analytics investments in insurance

– In an era of narrow margins and slow growth, insurers’ need to invest in analytics has never been greater. A few thoughtful... initiatives can accelerate the analytics journey.

A ‘nudge’ for the better in claims journeys

– Companies tend to assume that customers, employees, and suppliers always behave rationally.

Automation at scale is driving transformative change across insurance

– Advances in robotics, cognition, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are ushering in a new era of automation. Machines... can now match or outperform humans across a range of activities in a number of industries, including insurance.

What is an insurance customer journey?

McKinsey director Alex Singla illustrates how a simple insurance claim provides multiple chances to build customer satisfaction.
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How smart insurers convert digital customers at six times the rate of their peers

– It’s not just about the demographics. Insurers often point to the age and income of their customer base to explain their struggles... with digital marketing, especially their generally low rate of success in converting online visits into actual policy sales.

Harnessing the potential of data in insurance

– Insurers collect a wealth of data, but few have found a way to monetize this asset. New “data as a business” models point the... way forward.

An insurer’s journey to better customer experience: A conversation with Allianz’s Firuzan Iscan

– The customer-experience leader at Allianz describes how the German insurer is learning to view customer journeys from an outside-in... perspective.

Time for insurance companies to face digital reality

– Regulation, product complexity, and insurers’ large balance sheets have kept digital attackers from insurers’ gates. That is changing,... but in ways incumbents should embrace. They can flourish in the digital age—if they move swiftly and decisively.

Navigating through uncertainty in US commercial insurance distribution

– In order to continue to thrive in the changing landscape, US commercial lines insurers will need to enhance the value they deliver... and develop new services that meet the evolving needs of brokers and insureds.

Harnessing the power of digital in life insurance

– Big data and advanced analytics will enable a wide range of new business applications for life insurers, empowering sales forces... and better serving consumers.

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