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Digital reinvention

Creating value by transforming the core, together.


Driving value for an e-tailer

McKinsey helped deliver a digital transformation that personalized customer offers at scale—and captured more than $850... million in new sales in 18 months.

Helping a global insurer become a digital leader

McKinsey helped the company shape a bold digital strategy and translate it into new operating models, capabilities, and IT architecture—reducing... product-development time by 80 percent.

Our people

Hyo Yeon

Digital partner, New Jersey
Leads our global design practice, and works closely with clients to turn customer empathy into innovative experiences, products, and services

Kate Smaje

Director, London
Works with clients on architecting and driving rapid digital transformations. Oversees McKinsey’s internal technology and digital transformation

Hugo Sarrazin

Director, Silicon Valley
Pioneers innovative initiatives that help clients reinvent their businesses. Co-founder and global leader of Digital Labs

Satty Bhens

Digital partner, New York
A leader of Digital Labs, helps clients implement technology practices that accelerate how the business delivers value

Jennifer Kilian

Digital VP, New York
Combines creative vision with compelling design to drive innovation and reinvent how businesses engage with customers

Alan Lau

Director, Hong Kong
Works closely with clients to navigate the complexities of China’s digital landscape to transform their business

New approaches to impact

Digital Labs

We work with the world’s largest organizations to accelerate the impact of digital transformation. Partnering closely with our clients, we prototype ideas, test them with real customers, and quickly adapt the solution. Combining data science, human-centered design, and the latest rapid-development techniques—such as Agile, “app in a day” and DevOps—we help our clients deliver breakthrough products, experiences, and businesses.

Building Client Capabilities

We deliver more than solutions. We partner with clients to build the capabilities they need to move quickly, be agile, and create... value long after we’ve left.

Design Thinking

How can established companies create customer experiences as seamless and simple as those offered by the best digital start-ups?

Our Provider Ecosystem

We evaluate and curate the best emerging and proven providers.

Innovation Boot Camp

We bring clients face-to-face with innovators from Silicon Valley to New York to Singapore so they can learn from the world’s... most dynamic start-ups.


What does it take to win in Digital?

What does it take to win in Digital?

Improving a company's ability to drive growth requires rethinking a business' strategy, organization, capabilities, and culture. We created an assessment called Digital Quotient® (DQ™) to measure an organization's digital maturity and capabilities, and how they drive financial performance.
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Interested in a career in Digital?

We are currently looking for experienced professionals across all digital disciplines.
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How shared-services organizations can prepare for a digital future

– To complement their efforts to build innovative customer experiences, companies should consider ways to digitize back-office functions and optimize company performance.

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