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Heating up. The planet has warmed about 1.1°C since the 19th century, and scientists predict the Earth’s temperatures will rise another 1.5°C within the next two decades—resulting in more deadly heat waves, severe droughts where hundreds of millions scramble for water, and the extinction of some animal and plant species. [NYT]
Damage control. Experts say the uptick in deadly heat waves, floods, and wildfires is evidence the world is not merely at the doorstep, but fully in the throes of a global-warming crisis. The latest report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change paints a dire picture and makes its starkest warning yet. But there may be hope on the hazy horizon: removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere could help turn the tide. [Economist]
Sustainability is no longer an issue of compliance for most companies but rather a strategic and operational one.
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Why it matters. Environmental and social issues are increasingly affecting how companies do business. More companies are starting to make sustainability a strategic and operational priority, but few are structured for success. Once senior leaders integrate sustainability into their corporate strategy, they will benefit from having a dedicated organization to support their sustainability efforts.
Structural support. There is no single right structure that applies to every company; each will need a structure of its own and will likely need to adjust that structure as business conditions and requirements change. Here are four ways that leaders can guide the organizational redesign of their sustainability work and why they must think differently about sustainability compared with other, more traditional business issues.
— Edited by Katrina Parker   
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