At #1: What CEOs are reading in 2017
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Top Ten Newsletter | Most Popular 2017
Most popular with readers in 2017
What CEOs are reading in 2017
1. What CEOs are reading in 2017
Leaders of some of the world’s biggest organizations share which books kept them occupied throughout the year. More →
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The next-generation operating model for the digital world
2. The next-generation operating model for the digital world
Companies need to increase revenues, lower costs, and delight customers. Doing that requires reinventing the operating model. More →
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The case for digital reinvention
3. The case for digital reinvention
Digital technology, despite its seeming ubiquity, has only begun to penetrate industries. As it continues its advance, the implications for revenues, profits, and opportunities will be dramatic. More →
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4. What makes a CEO ‘exceptional’?
We assessed the early moves of CEOs with outstanding track records; some valuable lessons for leadership transitions emerged. More →
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5. Harnessing automation for a future that works
Automation is happening, and it will bring substantial benefits to businesses and economies worldwide, but it won’t arrive overnight. A McKinsey Global Institute report finds realizing automation’s full potential requires people and technology to work hand in hand. More →
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6. ING’s agile transformation
Two senior executives from the global bank describe their journey. More →
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7. Product managers for the digital world
The role of the product manager is expanding due to the growing importance of data in decision making, an increased customer and design focus, and the evolution of software-development methodologies. More →
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8. Culture for a digital age
Risk aversion, weak customer focus, and siloed mind-sets have long bedeviled organizations. In a digital world, solving these cultural problems is no longer optional. More →
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9. What the future of work will mean for jobs, skills, and wages
In an era marked by rapid advances in automation and artificial intelligence, new research assesses the jobs lost and jobs gained under different scenarios through 2030. More →
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10. The seven decisions that matter in a digital transformation: A CEO’s guide to reinvention
A successful digital transformation requires making trade-off decisions. Here’s how successful CEOs guide their businesses’ reinvention. More →
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