At #1: How artificial intelligence can deliver real value to companies
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Top Ten | Analytics 2017
The year’s most popular articles on analytics
How artificial intelligence can deliver real value to companies
1. How artificial intelligence can deliver real value to companies
Companies new to the space can learn a great deal from early adopters who have invested billions into AI and are now beginning to reap a range of benefits. More →
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Competing in a world of sectors without borders
2. Competing in a world of sectors without borders
Digitization is causing a radical reordering of traditional industry boundaries. What will it take to play offense and defense in tomorrow’s ecosystems? More →
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How to win in the age of analytics
3. How to win in the age of analytics
There’s greater potential in big data. What’s ahead as the field matures? More →
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4. Using people analytics to drive business performance: A case study
A quick-service restaurant chain with thousands of outlets around the world is using data to drive a successful turnaround, increase customer satisfaction, and grow revenues. More →
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5. Artificial intelligence in business: Separating the real from the hype
The potential for AI to infuse business and value chains across various industries is greater than ever before—but where should executives start? More →
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6. Capturing value from your customer data
Companies can put their information to work by teasing out novel patterns, driving productivity, and creating new solutions. More →
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7. The role of expertise and judgment in a data-driven world
The Obama campaign’s former data-analytics chief explains why a healthy dose of skepticism and a clear understanding of the process behind data collection leads to stronger strategies and real impact. More →
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8. Advanced analytics: Nine insights from the C-suite
Conversations with hundreds of business leaders reveal nine ways that they are—and are not—adapting to the analytics revolution. More →
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9. Applying analytics in financial institutions’ fight against fraud
Using data along with other cutting-edge tools can help organizations make better decisions and step up efforts to monitor fraudulent transactions. More →
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10. Fueling growth through data monetization
A new survey finds that many companies are launching data-focused businesses. But few have achieved significant financial impact, which requires the right combination of strategy, culture, and organization. More →
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