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Public Sector in South Africa

We help Public Sector clients in South Africa solve challenges relating to education, safety, development and healthcare.

South Africa has undergone a significant transition. At the same time, its public sector has also changed, becoming more representative of the diverse backgrounds and needs of the South African people. Accordingly, the public sector’s mandate has broadened. Economic growth and good stewardship of South Africa’s resources and economy, equal education opportunities, a strong healthcare system and services to combat AIDS, significant infrastructure investment, equal access to housing, and social program delivery are all priorities.

We help government agencies fulfill their mission to the public. In Johannesburg, our Public Sector Practice is made up of a diverse group of consultants; all of whom are committed to seeing South Africa grow and succeed. Our consultants combine deep expertise—in the areas of defense and security, economic development, healthcare, and public finance—with strong knowledge of best practices in IT, operations, organization, and strategy. Long-tenured partners with deep roots in the community work side-by-side with young consultants and recent graduates. Our varied experiences and backgrounds enable us to develop innovative solutions with lasting impact.

Recent examples of our client work include:

  • helping a government agency reorganize to lead a transformation program
  • advising on industrial development issues in specific industry sectors, such as energy and mining
  • supporting a ministry in transforming its organizational structure, operational processes, and risk management practices
  • advising state-owned enterprises on how to improve operations and delivery of services.

We work closely with clients at all levels of government to help address specific challenges, without losing sight of broader social objectives and our shared responsibility to the community.

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