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Maggie Stringfellow

Expert Associate Partner, Seattle
Helps high-tech and advanced-industrial companies improve their operational and organizational performance to control costs and pursue new sources of profitable growth

About Maggie

Maggie combines a sophisticated engineering background with a hands-on ability to get top performance from technical organizations. She helps lead strategic operational-improvement programs that increase efficiency and create opportunities for business expansion.

Working mostly with companies in the high-tech and advanced industrial sectors, Maggie looks at end-to-end M&A to identify sources of value in transactions and integration. Through margin transformations—rethinking procurement, redesigning sales functions, and redeveloping go-to-market strategies—she helps executives manage costs and pursue market opportunities. When supporting pre- and postmerger initiatives, Maggie looks for the transformational opportunities that can be unlocked by optimizing combined operations.

Examples of her recent client work include:

  • leading mergers totaling $35 billion in value
  • identifying and implementing more than $250 million in cost synergies in a merger for an advanced-electronics company within 18 months of deal closure
  • supporting major acquisitions for leading high-tech companies by developing go-to-market strategies and pursuing transformative revenue opportunities
  • developing an Internet of Things (IoT) strategy and pilot IoT device for an advanced industrial company to deliver revenue growth of more than 10 percent
  • transforming an industrial client by eliminating shipment delays and achieving a 30 percent increase in labor efficiency
  • conducting a procurement engagement that delivered $100 million in cost savings for an aerospace OEM

Before joining McKinsey, Maggie worked at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in the flight software group, where she conducted research on next-generation antenna arrays and rover path planning algorithms. She also worked at Lincoln Laboratories, stress-testing commercial aircraft collision-avoidance software and developing sense-and-avoid requirements for unmanned aerial vehicles.

Published work

The economics of homelessness in Seattle and King County,” McKinsey & Company, May 2018

Winning through M&A? Deal making in the semiconductor sector,” McKinsey & Company, February 2016

Past Experience

MIT Lincoln Laboratory
software engineer

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
software engineer


Massachusetts Institute of Technology
PhD, aeronautics and astronautics
MS, aeronautics and astronautics
BS, aeronautics and astronautics
BS, electrical engineering