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Roger Burkhardt

Partner, New York
Helps organizations execute on artificial intelligence at scale to transform business performance

About Roger

Roger is a partner in McKinsey’s QuantumBlack data science unit who works globally on artificial intelligence (AI) transformations. He helps organizations execute on AI at scale, including big-data technologies, data and model governance, and the application of machine learning and other AI tools to the transformation of business performance.

Roger brings more than two decades of operating experience with AI to his client work, including having served as an executive and technology leader for leading financial and tech organizations, including IBM, the New York Stock Exchange, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the Silicon Valley database company Actian, and AI fintech EagleEye Analytics.

Roger speaks regularly on the use of ethical AI and leads research topics at McKinsey’s QuantumBlack data science unit. Recent research topics include ethical AI—including bias, fairness, and transparency—and the industrialization of the AI model development process.

Published Work

Leadership’s role in fixing the analytics models that COVID-19 broke,” McKinsey & Company, September, 2020

Leading your organization to responsible AI,” McKinsey & Company, May 2019

Derisking AI by design: How to build risk management into AI development,” McKinsey & Company, August 2020

Past Experience

OpenLink Financial
Executive vice president and CTO

Federal Reserve Bank of New York

EagleEye Analytics
President and CEO

President and CEO

New York Stock Exchange
President and CTO

OptiMark Technologies
President, listed equities

Director, capital markets


NYU Stern School of Business
MBA, finance

University of Oxford
PhD, physics