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Michael Betz

Partner, Washington DC
Helps organizations drive sustainable revenue growth through strategic planning and a focused approach to execution

About Michael

Michael has over 15 years of experience as a marketing and strategy leader. He is a leader of McKinsey’s growth transformation work, and has led a number of successful transformations across various B2C industries including retail, for-profit education, and media. Michael combines McKinsey’s expertise in marketing, sales, pricing, and strategy with its proven approach to transformation to drive profitable and sustainable revenue growth.

Prior to joining McKinsey, Michael served as the chief marketing and strategy officer at a leading for-profit education company. During his time there, he helped drive improvements in marketing, pricing, and product innovation that enabled the organization to rebound from the downturn in the for-profit education market. He also served as chief marketing officer at a private equity-owned software company, where he prepared the organization for a successful sale.

Michael is a history buff with a vice for bad science fiction.

Published work

Seven principles for achieving transformational growth,” McKinsey & Company, April 2021


The University of Texas at Austin

Georgetown University
BSFS, international relations