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Women as Future Leaders Network

Women as Future Leaders (WFL) aims to accelerate the development of future female leaders.

We provide an environment where you can be at your best and do meaningful work. Our extensive network of female consultants gives you access to an unrivaled group of peers, mentors and colleagues, both at our firm and within our network of external business leaders across all sectors and functions. Even if you’re not interested in consulting, we encourage you to join us.
Women as Future Leaders is supported by McKinsey through an extensive network of consultants. Our network is aimed at developing future female leaders, regardless of your background and interests. Past events have included: unconscious bias workshops, Centered leadership training series, skills workshops focused on topics such as storytelling and creating a journey line, networking events, and McKinsey knowledge events.

Open to all

We are a virtual community for students and early stage career professionals based in the UK and Ireland, open to all who self-identify as female

Development focused

We are building capabilities for professional growth


We hold in person workshops and content events, as well as virtual activities and digital communications

Content rich

We bring you leadership development knowledge from McKinsey
Once you join this network, you will receive regular newsletters that include details about our events and opportunities.


Sara Hudson

Co-head of Women’s Recruiting for the UK & Ireland

In speaking with many young women throughout the recruiting process, I’m consistently amazed by their energy, drive and ambition. Many of these women have a strong sense of what they want to accomplish, but often aren’t clear on how to begin the journey or where to go for help and advice. The purpose of Women as Future Leaders is to provide a network and community where these women can find resources and support as the embark on their careers.

Vivian Hunt

Managing Partner for the UK & Ireland

Through Women as Future Leaders we aim to reach young women in all corners of the UK & Ireland. We want to share our expertise and experience in developing female talent and encourage women to join us, as we strive towards equal gender representation at all levels of our organization. Our investment in WFL reflects our ongoing commitment to develop the leaders critical to a competitive UK & Ireland.

“At WFL I learned how to become a global citizen with a drive to lead.”

“WFL developed my skills and made me think about networking in a more positive way.”

“I was pleasantly surprised at the importance placed on personal experiences, rather than just external achievements.”

“I felt honored to be part of such an important and interesting discussion at McKinsey.”

“I was truly enlightened by the incredible career achievements of the panelists at the event.”

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