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Careers in the United Kingdom

Upcoming Events

Careers in the United Kingdom

Upcoming Events

At our events you can meet McKinsey consultants and partners from a range of offices and backgrounds.

We are excited that you are considering consulting as your future career! We want to help you in learning as much as possible about McKinsey and consulting before applying. This is why we organise multiple events throughout the year. It is a great opportunity to meet a lot of our consultants as well as the recruiting team.

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May 01 2019
Dec 31 2019

Virtual Academy

May 01 – December 31

Are you a Masters or PhD student in Europe and want to further develop your problem-solving and analytical skills? Would you like to do this from the comfort of your own home?

Our Virtual Academy combines modules from one of our most recognisable capability building programmes, McKinsey Academy, with Harvard ManageMentor online courses as well as various virtual skills workshops and a team challenge.

Sep 13 2019
Sep 15 2019


September 13 – September 15
Do you enjoy finding creative solutions to problems? Are you a professional with fewer than ten years of work experience, a late stage PhD or Master’s student, or a postdoctoral? Start your expedition and discover the diversity of McKinsey. At Expedition you will have the chance to tailor your personal agenda by choosing workshops that interest you. You will also strengthen your personal capabilities and become more self-aware at our leadership trainings. We welcome applications from all backgrounds, areas of expertise and fields of study. To learn more, visit:
Sep 27 2019

International Afternoon Tea

Are you an international student studying at a UK University interested in making a difference in your home country? Are you passionate about developing markets and interested in working in one of the McKinsey offices outside of the UK?

This is an excellent opportunity to meet our consultants from a wide range of geographies and learn more about our work, our people and global career opportunities. McKinsey consultants and team members from across Asia, Europe, Africa and other Emerging Markets will be present at this event.

Information on how to apply will be coming soon.

Our schedule is regularly updated, so please check back soon for events taking place in our office or at your campus.

Meet our London Recruiting Team

Laura Boege

Emily Haseldine

Nadine Corbett

Deborah Joseph

Hanna Janonis

Maria Oryshchuk

Holly Thompson

Olivia Aylett

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