Application Process

Round 1: Registration and executive summary submission

Deadline: 18th January, 2021

Each team will be asked to submit an application outlining their social enterprise, detailing their vision for the project, and explaining how it will work in practice.

You'll have to consider what social need your enterprise meets, what distinguishes it from existing organisations, and how it might sustain itself financially. We're looking for numbers/estimates and facts to back up your arguments, not just conjecture.

Please apply with your university email address, if available, to verify your student status.

Round 2: Video pitch with business plan and expert interviews

Deadline: Mid- April, 2021

You will be required to submit a video pitch (no more than 3 minutes long) where you bring us through your idea and plan, and a brief version of your full business plan.

In the week following the submission deadline, we may also invite you to be interviewed by McKinsey experts who will work to test your idea. Interviews will last for approximately 30 minutes each, and your mentor is more than welcome to attend.

At the end of this round, following interviews, we'll announce the finalists.

Round 3: The Final

Deadline: 11th June, 2021

Become a member of the MVA Hall of Fame: at the end of the process, each remaining team will present their ideas to a judging panel. Your mentor will work alongside you to help you prepare for this. The winner will be announced at our awards ceremony and will be given seed funding and ongoing support to turn their idea into a reality.

Additional resources


If you need additional inspiration, please visit some of the links below or check-out some examples of interesting social enterprises started by some of our alumni:

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