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Hear from women who have settled in new countries.
“You should always be open to trying new things and learning new things.” — Vera

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Hear from Olena, a Ukrainian who moved with her six-year-old daughter

Olena left her home village after a missile fell near her house and she had to find a way to rebuild her family’s life in a new country. She talks about how being proactive, being open to new people, and building a network can help make the process of settling into a new country a smooth one.

Hear from Olha, a Ukrainian who moved to Poland as a student

Olha moved to Poland for her studies. She was afraid of being by herself in a new country, but eventually overcame her fears and struggles. She talks about how important it is to be integrated in the local community.
Czech Republic

Hear from Anna, a Ukrainian who moved with her nine-year-old son

Anna is a professional psychologist who found a job in Prague. She offers some very practical advice about how to keep an open mind when you are adapting to a new country.

Hear from Kristie, the child of refugees from the Vietnam War

Kristie shares the struggles of her parents as they rebuilt their family as refugees. Ultimately, their efforts have shaped Kristie’s successful life, her core values, and her commitment to her family and cultural heritage.

Hear from Vera, a Peruvian who relocated to Germany in 2016

Relocation to Europe was one of Vera’s biggest dreams, but learning a new language and adapting to a new environment were not easy. She shares her experience with accepting the ups and downs of a new life.
United Kingdom

Hear from Victoriia, a Ukrainian who moved with her family

Victoriia left her home with her sister, mother, and grandmother on the first day of the war. She shares how her hardworking mindset, proactive attitude, and sense of purpose helped her support her family’s move to a new country.
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