Improve professional competencies

Improve professional competencies

Develop the skills to help give your career a boost.

Succeeding in a job requires the right mindset and a sense of balance, which can be particularly challenging when your life is in flux. These courses—available in both Ukrainian and English—can help you to identify your strengths and use them to overcome challenges in both your personal and professional life.

Professional courses

Course 1

Living your personal purpose

27 min
This course will help you identify your personal purpose and learn how to integrate it into your daily life and work.
Course 2

Cultivating well-being

16 min
This course helps you understand how to improve your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being and how to manage stress.
Course 3

Developing positive mindsets

18 min
Mindsets are deeply connected to our emotions and can influence our behaviors. This course will walk you through the Awareness-Pause-Reframe framework to help you adopt positive mindsets.
Course 4

Becoming a lifelong learner

24 min
This course introduces you to the benefits of being a lifelong learner and how to do that effectively.
Course 5

Increasing awareness

15 min
This course will help you identify when and how you should take a step back to recharge.
Course 6

Time and energy management

10 min
Learn how to prioritize and organize your time effectively with this course.
Course 7

Effective communication

12 min
This course uses the Situation-Complication-Resolution approach and the Observe-Impact-Listen-Suggest framework to introduce new ways of approaching communication and receiving effective feedback.
Course 8

Building strong relationships

30 min
The course explains how to manage and improve relationships using a specific framework called AVEC, which stand for attention, vulnerability, empathy, and compassion.
Disclaimer: The courses offered are based on McKinsey Academy’s business capability building.