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Knowledge AnalystBangkok

I have frequent and open discussions with my manager. My voice is always heard, and my opinions are valued.

My path to McKinsey

Born in Bangkok, I moved to Singapore at the age of 15 to study. After earning my undergraduate degree at UCL in London, I returned to Bangkok and worked as a corporate-banking associate at a leading international bank for a year. I left to pursue my master’s degree and joined McKinsey after graduation.

Choosing McKinsey

I considered returning to banking but chose McKinsey. I wanted to explore different industries and work alongside people with diverse backgrounds and expertise. At McKinsey, you also get to identify new solutions and help set trends.

Exceeding expectations

My experience at McKinsey has exceeded my high expectations. I have endless opportunities to better myself. McKinsey encourages me to learn, lead, and serve. I am impressed that the firm is willing to invest so much in my development.

Rewarding work experiences

As a researcher based in Thailand, I often work with teams across the world that wish to know more about Thailand. I explore Thailand from multiple market and industry perspectives, which is exciting. And my work has impact. I worked on a global project to improve the quality of healthcare for people in developing countries. I am very proud of that project’s social impact.

Charting my own course

I have frequent and open discussions with my manager. I share my opinions, brainstorm solutions to problems, ask for feedback, and seek advice. My voice is always heard, and my opinions are valued. We worked together to design a plan for me, and now I am striving to achieve it.

Advice to those considering McKinsey

A background in finance and economics is more valuable in the consulting world than you might think. My advanced mathematical and statistical skills are very important at McKinsey because our work is fact based. I also use knowledge of the financial markets and macroeconomics to support teams. Everyone can be an asset to the firm.


University of Cambridge
MPhil, finance and economics

BS, economics