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Expert Associate Partner, Atlanta

About Diana

I am humbled by the degree to which leaders of the firm make others their top priority, and I have learned more than I could have imagined in my time here.

Coming out of business school I knew I wanted two things. First, I wanted work that was meaningful and built on the experience I had in teaching and non-profit management. I wanted my job to be something I would feel good about—not just at the end of the day but at the end of a life. Second, I wanted to work at a place where I would grow, both personally and professionally. I wanted to hone the skills I had and fill in the gaps between them, all in a nurturing environment that simultaneously pushed and supported me. It was a tall order, but I got the sense that McKinsey might actually be able to fulfill it all—and I was right.

Meaningful work

To me, work is meaningful if it addresses issues that are important to me, or makes a real difference for people in whose success I'm personally invested. My time at McKinsey has been filled with just these experiences. Some of my work has been in the social sector directly, such as developing a charter school growth strategy, supporting an urban school superintendent transition, or managing a large-scale non-profit governance and culture transformation. I've been delighted by the impact that can be achieved by teaming McKinsey’s experience and approach with clients who tackle society’s greatest challenges day in and day out.

I’ve also spent a significant amount of my time working in the private sector, in industries ranging from hotels to construction materials. Besides the amazing learning, the work matters to me because of the incredible client relationships I have developed. Very quickly you realize that it is not our job to simply solve tricky problems. We are there to understand our clients’ contexts and to help them be successful.

Personal and professional growth

I certainly heard the words “mentorship” and “apprenticeship” during the recruiting process, but I had no sense of what they really meant. I am humbled by the degree to which incredible leaders of the firm make others their top priority. I have learned more than I could have imagined in my time here, in large part due to a set of partners and peers across McKinsey’s Southern locations who have committed themselves to helping me succeed. Not only are people ready and willing to give good advice whenever I seek it, but there are individuals who consider my development as a future leader of the firm part of their job. Whether it’s helping me think through where to invest my energy at work, or proactively checking in to make sure I’m not neglecting life and relationships outside of work, McKinsey people quickly became my people—and I have grown tremendously in my time here.

Past experience

Teach for America
Executive Director

Atlanta Public Schools


Harvard Graduate School of Business

Dartmouth College