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Associate Partner, Dallas

About Catherine

Whether it’s celebrating successes, getting coaching, or just sharing stories, I know there’s always a group of like-minded people on whom I can count.

I never thought I’d be a management consultant. In fact, six years ago I couldn’t have told you the first thing about what a management consultant does. I was working toward my PhD in Biochemistry at UC Berkeley, studying cancer and aging, when a friend invited me to an on-campus presentation by a firm called McKinsey & Company. I went for the free pizza. I decided to apply because I met people who were passionate about helping others, spending their days making change happen, and who talked about the firm’s commitment to their own development and that of their colleagues.

Why I'm still here

I spend my days collaborating with incredibly smart colleagues and clients figuring out how to improve operations at the frontline, which helps increase productivity and employee engagement, improve the customer experience, and reduce costs. Plus, I get to work in a wide variety of industries, so I’m always learning something new. Most recently, in response to healthcare reform, I’ve been working with hospital provider networks to support the changes needed to thrive in a post-reform environment. Most importantly, McKinsey has encouraged me to follow my passions and has helped me build capabilities to succeed in areas that I am passionate about. Specifically, I focus much of my time on helping my clients and teams leverage their strengths and develop the capabilities they need to reach their chosen goals.

Why the Southern office is home

I’m originally from Austin, so coming back to Texas to be close to my family was very important to me. But, I didn’t realize I’d find a new family in my McKinsey colleagues. Whether it’s celebrating successes, getting coaching on what try differently when things don’t work perfectly, or just sharing stories from the week, I know there’s always a group of like-minded people on whom I can count.


University of California at Berkeley

University of Texas at Austin

University of Texas at Austin