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Partner, Atlanta

About Carey

The approachability and open doors of senior partners are trademarks of the Southern offices—and have led to many great apprenticeship opportunities.

Having been a liberal arts major in undergrad, followed by law school, McKinsey first appealed to me as a “business boot camp”—a chance to become fluent in business from a world class institution by working daily with extraordinary client executives. McKinsey’s not only met that expectation but also exceeded it. This was true both before law school, when I worked at the firm as a business analyst, and after law school when I rejoined as an associate.

The variety, challenge, and scale of the problems we work on at McKinsey are unique among professional services firms. In only a few years at the firm, I was part of a marketing and sales turnaround widely covered in the Wall Street Journal; I helped shape education policy with senior ministers in a Middle Eastern country; and I assisted a consumer goods company in deciding what to do with their non-US operations. A truly extraordinary mix of experiences!

Approachable mentors

Although the problems we help solve are intensely challenging, the support and mentorship within the firm have always set me up for success. We have world-renowned experts in nearly every industry who are equally accessible to analysts, associates, and partners. Even more powerful, we have an apprenticeship model that pushes you to step up and provides a mentor to help make you successful.

In fact, the mentors I have gained through McKinsey will be lifelong models for my professional career and personal development. These are among the things I love in particular about the firm’s Southern locations, where inspirational partners and other senior mentors are a real point of pride. Approachable senior leaders and open doors are trademarks of McKinsey in the Southern US and synonymous with the firm for me.


University of Virginia

University of Virginia