CDP Supply Chain Report Highlights
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2018 CDP Supply Chain Report highlights

In 2017, the CDP collected data from more than 4,800 companies on behalf of 100 supply chain members. Earlier this year, McKinsey contributed to CDP’s 2018 Supply Chain Report, which examines the impact of sustainability performance of suppliers on climate change.
CDP Supply Chain Report Highlights

Report highlights

551 million metric tonnes in reduced emissions

Collectively, companies realized monetary savings amounting to $14 billion and disclosed emissions reductions in the order of 551 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e)

CDP Supply Chain Report Highlights

52% report climate change integrated business strategies

Responding suppliers are demonstrating high internal awareness of climate-change risks and opportunities. 76% indicate that climate-change risks have potential to generate a substantive change in their business.
CDP Supply Chain Report Highlights

27% of US-based suppliers have science-based targets

While 47 percent of responding suppliers have an emissions or renewable-energy target, only 20 percent indicated their emissions targets were science based.

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