Improve asset managers’ performance with Performance Lens

A granular and objective perspective on industry growth and profitability is critical for asset managers to operate effectively. For over a decade, we have built up a suite of products and services grounded in McKinsey’s deep industry expertise to help asset managers make better strategic, operational, and organizational decisions.

Performance Lens for Asset Management turns data into insights to reveal growth- and profitability-improvement opportunities. To date, the solution has helped numerous asset managers significantly improve their overall business performance.

Performance Lens by the numbers

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What Performance Lens provides

Global Growth Cube

Comprehensive asset-management market-sizing database that provides granular historical and forward-looking views of asset and revenue pools and net flows by geography, client segment, and products to help managers make strategic growth and resource-allocation decisions.

Global Benchmark Survey

Industry-leading annual benchmark survey with unrivaled coverage, data quality, and depth and 13 years of trend data to help managers assess operational effectiveness and identify actions to drive growth and profitability. An interactive web application delivers enhanced access to the survey results and McKinsey industry insights.

Insurance General Account Survey

Annual economic benchmark survey tailored to the asset mix, cost structure, and key organizational-design decisions of insurance general-account investment managers.

Sales Alpha

Proprietary, regression-based analytic tool that evaluates the effectiveness of sales and marketing efforts—independent of investment performance—to help improve resource deployment and distribution coverage.


While every situation is unique, the use of our products and services can accelerate growth by as much as 40 percent and improve profitability, typically by 5 to 20 percent. Performance Lens for Asset Management will help organizations:

Make better strategic-growth and resource-allocation decisions through understanding and acting on the “granularity of growth” in asset management

Assess operational effectiveness versus relevant peers and identify tactical actions to drive growth and improve profitability

Bring investment-like discipline to evaluating the effectiveness of sales and marketing to improve resource deployment and distribution coverage

What makes Performance Lens unique

Unrivaled granularity of data and analyses

  • 4,000 growth micro-segments analyzed
  • 8,000 operational efficiency benchmarks across 300 asset managers globally
  • 2,000 tailored performance benchmarks for insurance general account managers
  • regression model with 30 variables to analyze sales and marketing effectiveness

McKinsey knowledge and experience

  • unparalleled industry experience with >350 engagements in the last five years
  • deep relationships with 15 of the top 20 asset managers in North America
  • global experience and local market practitioners in >50 countries
  • in-depth understanding of asset managers’ clients and adjacent markets’ competitors
  • continuous investment in proprietary research and knowledge

Innovative service model

  • single and multi-year subscription options to Performance Lens’ products and services
  • client-friendly analytic tools and interactive web application
  • experts available on demand to answer solution-related questions
  • Additional partnership options including bespoke analysis by our industry experts, workshop support, client diagnostic support, and traditional full-service client engagements

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