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Integrated Lean Solutions

Integrated Lean Solutions

Manufacturing and services excellence

Integrated Lean Solutions provides manufacturing and services performance management for organizations on their Industry 4.0 journeys.

The rate of improvement in the manufacturing and services industry is constantly accelerating and beginning to outpace what traditional lean can provide.

To be successful, today’s manufacturers must embark on a data-driven, digital, and automated approach to taking their operations from good to great. However, most manufacturers struggle to sustainably implement digitally enable improvements and scale them across the enterprise.

Integrated Lean Solutions solves these problems. We help manufacturers leverage a combination of digital performance management, data infrastructure development, analytics, and coaching to improve their capabilities, delivering sustained OEE improvement of up to 20%.

Our approach


Our digital diagnostic identifies improvement levers and prioritizes them based on potential impact and operational gaps. We conduct site visits, interview front line and site supervisors, and asses your technology and data infrastructure to understand how well you perform against >25 specific levers. Our experts use the results to develop a prioritized initiative list and implementation roadmap.


Our suite of proprietary technology tools support rapid capability building, implementation, and value capture. Together with our proprietary digital accelerators, we help lay the foundation for the future with a combination of best-in-class IoT architecture expertise and ability to identify and prioritize value levers.


Our experts work closely with your operational leadership to redesign and optimize core management processes. Implementation coaches help lead change management and transformation alongside both operators and supervisors to create an environment that embraces the use of data to improve effectiveness.

Integrated Lens Solutions by the numbers


site deployments


supervisors, managers, and operators trained


benchmarks of digital maturity


Turnkey technology

Our tools make it easy to get started quickly, with cloud-based software that does not require installation.

Customizable dashboards

Tailored views can help every level of management see the most pertinent data quickly and use it to make decisions.

Change-management support

Our experts work shoulder to shoulder with operators to help them understand and embrace the change.

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