Global Banking Pools

Global Banking Pools

The authoritative source for market sizes and trends

Global Banking Pools enables banks to make better market expansion, digital banking, and portfolio optimization decisions by providing a detailed view of the best opportunities for growth and increased profitability.

Banking strategy requires a clear-eyed understanding of the macroeconomic forces and regulations affecting local markets. It’s crucial for heads of strategy to know which market and product segments are growing at what rates in which geographies.

However, it can be difficult to assemble a consistent and accurate view of these trends. Pulling data from multiple sources results in conflicts and inconsistencies. In many parts of the world, the data is either unreliable or unavailable.

Global Banking Pools solves this problem by providing the most reliable data possible about local markets around the world. Our 140+ in-country researchers scour public and proprietary sources for data on macroeconomic trends and market performance, and validate that data to ensure its accuracy and consistency.

Global Banking Pools helps answer a bank’s most important strategy questions, such as:

  • Which consumer finance products should we focus on in Brazil?
  • How are our Spanish and French subsidiaries’ savings accounts performing relative to the overall market?
  • What African countries represent the most attractive growth opportunities for our retail business?


Panorama Overview

In this video, Miklos Dietz and Jay Datesh discuss how Panorama is helping banks, financial institutions, and private equity firms make better decisions around market sizing, fintech innovations, and more.

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Local coverage at a global scale

Global Banking Pools covers banking markets across 60+ countries, broken down to the regional, national, and city level. We further segment into 70+ products and 20 financial data categories, enabling “apples-to-apples” comparisons across the entire portfolio.

McKinsey expertise

Global Banking Pools leverages our team’s 11 years’ experience, McKinsey’s extensive experience consulting to the major banks, and our deep internal knowledge of banking trends to deliver the most robust insights and forward-looking projections available.

Quality and consistency

McKinsey consultants use Global Banking Pools as their primary source of market trend data for banking strategy engagements. Our team leverages a global network of 140+ experts to ensure the quality and accuracy of our data, analyzing and reconciling it across product segments and geographies.

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